Spring Festival to the New Generation, by Jun Peng


Peng and his young son Yu Tsing

There are one million young people coming to Shenzhen every year from different parts of China. They graduated from their training center, college or university and they come to find a job here, to start a small business here, and to get married here. As one man of the one million people, I came here from Hunan in 2005 and I have spent 7 Spring Festivals here in Shenzhen. In the first three years, I worked in a computer market helping people to fix or upgrade their personal computers, networks, and printers. The business was small and I didn’t have so much money to pay expenses on travelling during Spring Festival or for the traditional red envelope gifts for my relatives, old people and small kids in the village who are looking forwards to get some extra money on Spring Festival.

Then I worked for an International school for two years, where I have about 2 weeks holiday on Christmas and one week on Spring Festival. So I went back to my hometown on Christmas instead of Spring Festival… there were too many people travelling, hurried during that time, too crowded a train to get sleep, and too tiring a trip to have some peaceful time. You know… it’s better just to stay in my Shenzhen home.

Then, starting in 2010, I started a small business called YourDuino.com with my friend Terry, getting Arduino stuff for people at good price. The business is running good, so now on Spring Festival, when shipping is stopped, I just stay in Shenzhen, packing orders for people. We stock most of the products before Spring Festival, and also I can work on new products, and contact and talk with factory guys who stay in Shenzhen for Spring Festival.

There are more and more young people born after the 80′s and 90′s who are criticized by the older people who say that they are staying away from the Chinese tradition. They stay away from their family and relatives, they don’t visit people so often, they don’t live with their family when they get married, and the biggest problem is, they don’t get back home on Spring Festival. It is a tradition in China: “Poor or rich, stay with family on Spring Festival.”


Every small village street has a fireworks shop

But the young reformers think differently. We can go back and visit our family and relatives in other plentiful times, we can do some things differently than the Feast and Fireworks, we can take the good things from the tradition and improve the things we don’t agree with.

I really enjoy the fresh air in Shenzhen during the Spring Festival with 60% of people back to their hometown. When we go shopping in the supermarket, fly a kite in the park, take sport on the playground, hike on the mountain, travel by bus or metro in an unhurried way, it’s really great! I will stay here with my wife and young son, have a good rest, and get ready for the crowd and haste again.

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